Trials Explained

At the Hemerdon Comp Safari held on the 27th May 2008, all competing vehicles were tested on the club owned rollers to ensure their differentials complied with the regulations set out within the green book.

One of the twelve competing vehicles failed this test. The competitor was advised that the Clerk of the Course had the authority to prevent him from competing.

A vehicle can fail this test for a number of reasons, including non standard differential, or broken/dislodged parts within the Axle assembly.

The competitor subsequently advised the club that on strip down, it was found that the differential assembly was severely damaged around the planet and sun gears and this was the reason his vehicle failed the Roller Test, he was grateful to the club for advising him he had problem and allowing him to resolve the defect.

This demonstrates that the rollers can pick up both “illegal” and damaged diffs…(however the net effect can be the same…locked diff….can’t compete!)

This note is to remind all competitors any differential that does not behave as a standard land rover differential intends, is illegal for use in all events run by C & D (excluding Tyro), and the Clerk of Course/scrutineer has the right to prevent the vehicle from competing.

I am advised by the committee that the rollers could appear at any event this year!!!

Phil Heys

Clerk of Course

Hemeron Comp