Different Types of SUVs


SUVs are some of the most popular types of vehicles due to their roomy interiors and extra seating which when compared to a standard car and trucks are some of the best. These SUVs are designed for off-road use and can be beneficial to drive in harsh weather and road conditions. Also, due to SUV’s higher centre of gravity, one can make more power prone to rollover accidents.


Car Based SUVs

This is a crossover between vehicles which is the smallest types of SUV on the market which is built on the car like body platform which can allow it to be independent of any suspension. They are car-based and can handle things just like a standard car while giving better mileage than other cars. Crossovers can easily allow the right performing vehicle by your side. Certain models of SUV include Toyota RAV4, Kia Sportage, Nissan Murano.


Medium Truck Based SUVs

This is one SUV which has a traditional SUV which has a truck-like body, and the platforms are comparable to that of a truck. These SUVs have some of a greater towing capacity which can allow handling any independent suspension which makes the right comfort for the passengers. There are many truck-based SUVs which allows it to handle the car crossovers and get lower gas mileage. There are many SUVs which get the heavy loads which pushes greater toll on gas mileage. Some examples for a Midsize SUV model include Ford Escape, Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango, Jeep Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevy Blazer and Toyota 4 Runner.


Large Truck Based SUVs

The largest SUVs are based out as they have a very modern truck-like body which can be comparable for other types of larger pickup trucks and platforms. There are many SUVs which are ideal for drivers who want to have a higher driving position on the road as there is no fear of slippage on any road conditions. The largest SUVs are easy to drive and can work as full-sized can. As the centre of gravity is higher, there is a high chance that it might turn over during a sharp turn. Large SUVs are harder to manoeuver as it is equipped with six or eight-cylinder engines which can give them sufficient towing power. They are some of the least fuel-efficient of the SUVs. They have a typical seating capacity of the more than five people, and there is a heavy storage space in the back. When compared to other cars, larger models get less damage and depending on the situation of the crash. Some examples of Large SUV models include Chevy Tahoe, Lincoln Navigator, Ford Expedition.